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About us

We’re a modern, independent brand design studio.

We design things and solutions for our partners that delight their customers and serves their business needs. We are a creative agency that transforms businesses into brands, and customers into fanatics through the power of creativity, strategy, storytelling and the magic of espresso. EightySeven is run as a virtual agency to attract the best possible talent to build a custom team around your project needs. Each project is spearheaded by a dedicated Brand Designer that knows you and your business.

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Maxwell Billings

Brand Designer, Founder

Maxwell Billings is an award-winning designer based out of Chicago. He is the founder of EightySeven, a branding agency to help businesses connect with customers through storytelling, strategy and creativity. With over 20 years of experience in the visual arts, 10 of which in advertising agencies, teaching advanced design and advertising at Chicago Portfolio School and Columbia College… It’s safe to say this is his passion. When he’s not designing, going on a Netflix bings or playing Beastie Boys a little too loud, he’s typically out shooting street photography in whatever city he’s in.



What we do

We do our homework to understand your business, and more importantly, your customers. After all, your brand lives in their hearts and minds.

Brand Strategy
We help you creatively identify opportunities and position your business in your vertical.

Visual Identity
If your brand is your personality, the identity is your brand new outfit. It’s a way to make a grand new entrance, express yourself and separate from your competition.

We work to design a unique voice and story for your brand to provide clarity and to connect with customers.

We believe in design worth sharing, that includes designing a packaging experience that’s bound to be shared on Instagram.

Digital & Web
We design beautiful, modern and efficient sites that properly presents your brand on the internet and that create a new opportunity to digitally connect with customers.

Social Content
Social is your online voice, we make sure it's in line visually and in tone with your brand.



How we’re different

We aren’t graphic designer. We’re brand designers.

Most of the time, a client will say, “We need X, Y and Z” and a vendor will just make it. But when you work with EightySeven, we reverse the process to understand what you need, as a partner. We take a step back to understand the larger business problem that needs to be solved, what customers we’re solving for and then we determine how we will do it. Sometimes “X, Y & Z” is in fact the way to go, but if you’re going to invest in a business solution like a website, brand or packaging, we will help you make sure it’s an effective investment.


I not only got perfect branding that influenced the whole office design, I got a great experience during its development. Having an art background, I had many opinions the EightySeven team was always willing to listen, incorporate and also gently advise when I was off base. I love working with the team, I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly.
— Linda Morgan, D.D.S. OWNER, Village Pediatric Dental


Our partners