EightySeven is a modern, independent brand design consultancy.

We parter with businesses to design powerful and effective brands through strategy, storytelling and lots of espresso. Our sole purpose is to act as a long term creative partner to help you enhance your business and achieve your goals.

We believe that good people doing great work is always good for business.


We are brand designers.

We believe the foundation of any effective business communication is the brand. Not your logo, not your trucks, not your product. Brand. It’s the gut feeling that consumers have when they hear your company name. Our process starts with listening and empathy. Listening to understand your business goals and where problems are and to better understand your customers and their needs.

By having a strategic and clearly defined brand, business decisions become easier, guesswork is removed, communication becomes more effective and your marketing dollars will work harder.


Our Team

EightySeven used a fluid agency mode, that means our teams scale based on project needs. This allows us to stay focused on your brand and to provide you the best talent across the globe.

Maxwell Billings, designer + founder

Maxwell is an award winning designer and founder of EightySeven. With over 20 years of experience in the visual arts, 10 of which working in advertising, Maxwell is a designer and founder of EightySeven. As a lifelong student of design, Maxwell enjoys giving back to the young community through teaching. He has been a professor teaching design and advertising at Columbia College and Chicago Portfolio School since 2018.


Our Experience

I not only got perfect branding that influenced the whole office design, I got a great experience during its development. Having an art background, I had many opinions the EightySeven team was always willing to listen, incorporate and also gently advise when I was off base. I love working with the team, I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly.
— Linda Morgan, D.D.S. OWNER, Village Pediatric Dental