EightySeven is a Chicago based design agency. We are small, smart and scrappy with a small business attitude.

We believe your business is more than just a logo, it's an experience that deserves to be well though and finely crafted for your customers.

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How We Work

01_Create Alliances We aren't above a one-off project. But we want to find and build a lasting partnership with thoughtful clients. Because of this, we're very selective on the clients we choose to work with. 

02_Big Thinking For Small Clients We offer incredibly unique skill sets that helped build our reputation at large multi-million dollar advertising agencies. We apply that same caliber of creative thought to every partner we work with as a boutique studio.

03_Stay Nimble Theres nothing wrong with staying small. As the saying goes, "It's hard to turn a big ship." This mindset also allows us to assess every creative challenge individually and develop an aesthetic and voice accordingly.

Our Experience

Alter Brewing Company, American Advertising Awards, American Spirit Tobacco, Bright Start Investments, BxB Event Planning, Cadence Healthcare, Californian Estates, Campbell Foods, Chicago Cubs, Citibank, Culinary Fight Club, Cyclepath, East Village Neighborhood Association, Giordanos, HEAR Wisconsin, Ilum, James Hardee, JJ Doherty Builders, Lakeview Pantry, Liberty High School Athletics, Maxwheel, Moen, Northwestern Medicine, Nuveen Investments, Private College 529,, Rooted Juicery & Kitchen, Sullivan Family Dental, Timberland, U.S. Smokeless Tobacco, University of Illinois Hospital


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