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Here’s what EightySeven can do for you.

At EightySeven, we work as a partner on your business by designing a consistent and strategic experience for your customers. We will look at and everything from culture, messaging, voice, brand strategy, brand experience, visual identity and social media presence be strategically aligned to help your business.

We believe your brand is the most valuable asset for your business. By working together, we will use design, empathy, storytelling and creativity to help your business be successful and exceed your financial goals. After all, we’re not graphic designers. We’re business designers.

We do our homework to understand your business, and more importantly, your customers. After all, your brand lives in their hearts and minds.

Brand Strategy
We help you creatively identify opportunities and position your business in your vertical.

Visual Identity
If your brand is your personality, the identity is your brand new outfit. It’s a way to make a grand new entrance, express yourself and separate from your competition.

We work to design a unique voice and story for your brand to provide clarity and to connect with customers.

We believe in design worth sharing, that includes designing a packaging experience that’s bound to be shared on Instagram.

Digital & Web
We design beautiful, modern and efficient sites that properly presents your brand on the internet and that create a new opportunity to digitally connect with customers.

Social Content
Social is your online voice, we make sure it's in line visually and in tone with your brand.



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We work together, as partners.

We know that you’ve probably worked with “designers” before. All too often, that relationship and experience doesn’t go too well. On the flip side of that, there is the rare relationship that you rave to your colleagues and friends about. It’s the company that gets you excited about the potential of your business, rekindles your passions and just becomes the partnership you wish you had since the start. We want to have that partnership with you.

Our focus isn’t making things look good, it’s designing your business to work better. We’ve helped our partners experience the following kinds of results for their brand:

Clarity of vision and purpose

Revenue increases

Boosted customer loyalty

Better company culture

More engaged employees

Improved retention rates

Lowered price sensitivity

Competitive edge



Design, with heart

Design is using creativity to solve problems. But to us it’s more than that, it's about having empathy for the people who will experience our design, your customers, people. We believe in doing the right thing, even if it means we make less on a project. It’s about being genuine with our partners and ourselves. It’s always remembering that our relationships and being good people is always good business. We believe in being kind, creative and smart. That's design, with heart.


I not only got perfect branding that influenced the whole office design, but I also got a great experience during its development. Having an art background, I had many opinions the EightySeven team was always willing to listen, incorporate and also gently advise when I was off base. I love working with the team, I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly.
— Linda Morgan, D.D.S. Owner, Village Pediatric Dental
Working with EightySeven has been an endlessly rewarding creative experience. Utilizing a reliable process that quickly drew out the true mission and purpose of our company, EightySeven has helped us refine our vision and brand. The process was collaborative and hands-on from the get-go, with our feedback and opinions always being welcomed and heard. We’ve loved our experience, and are looking forward to a continued partnership with EightySeven.
— Sophia de Oliveira, Lead Optimist & Partner, Good Measure


EightySeven is a modern, independent brand design agency.

We design experiences and solutions for our partners that delight their customers and serves their business needs. We are a creative agency that transforms businesses into brands, and customers into fanatics through the power of creativity, strategy, storytelling and the magic of espresso. We operate as a fluid agency to attract the best possible talent to build a custom team around your project needs. Each project is spearheaded by Brand Designer and founder, Maxwell Billings.