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Good health starts from within.

The Problem
In today’s world there is still a stigma when it comes to mental and spiritual health. Our&Are is a social media based spiritual coaching service focused towards women. They wanted to create a brand that is welcoming to women entering the world of spirituality for the first time.

The Opportunity
EightySeven worked collaboratively with Our&Are to develop their brand from the ground up. By creating the core values of the brand, we quickly created a mature, welcoming and professional brand that instills comfort to new clients as they try a new expeirence for their own mental and spiritual health.


Brand Strategy
Identity & Brand Design
Typeface Design
Photography Guidelines

Working with EightySeven was the ideal design experience, they weave the feelings you evoke in doing business, into your design and breathe that essence into your branding.
— Lindsay Schroeder, Founder, Our&Are