Bottoms up to a better brand.

The Situation

If there has been one industry that has completely transformed in recent memory, it’s microbreweries. Because of the crowded space, product isn’t enough to differentiate one brewery over another. The key to being different? The story and how the label presents itself.

The Solution

With every client, we look to find the core story at the center of the business. With Living The Dream, it was built directly into the name. The founders had a passion for brewing and serving delicious beer. The brand story became all about the brewery sharing their passion and pursuit of the dreams in your life. We say cheers to that.

Working with the Living The Dream team, we developed a unique brand that helped them stand apart. Not just on the shelf, but rather with the kind of tone a “brewery” could have. In this case, focusing on the aspirational and fun spirit of doing what makes you happy.


What we did
Brand Strategy
Identity & Brand Design
Packaging Design
Social Media Strategy