Good Measure

Making some noise in River North.


The Situation

Let’s turn things to 11

Good Measure is a unique punk restaurant located in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. Their cocktails are expertly crafted. Their food is constantly featured on food blogs and newspapers. Most importantly, their music is fast and loud. That NYC punk culture is the fundamental core of the business. Now they just needed a brand voice and visual identity to let people know Good Measure is the best punk bar in Chicago.

What we did
Brand Strategy
Identity Design
Brand Design
Menu Design
Website Design
Typeface Design
Social Media Strategy

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The Insight

What does it mean to be punk?

During the brand development process, EightySeven discovered a central idea that was contradictory in nature but managed to explain the core of the brand: Punk Hospitality. By creating a unique vision for what the business was looking to achieve, EightySeven had a target of what the brand needed to convey in the creative. This insight is what informed the tagline of “You Are Welcome” for the brand. Not just to invite you in, but as a confidence in the quality of their cocktails, food and experience.



The Solution

It’s showtime

To bring the brand to life, we looked at what made punk special: The flourishes, imperfections and DIY spirit of just doing something to put it out there. With the visual identity, EightySeven developed a unique look that gave a vintage, hand-made grunge feel to give that gut-feeling that Good Measure is connected back to the punk days of the 70’s and 80’s.

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Working with EightySeven has been an endlessly rewarding creative experience. Utilizing a reliable process that quickly drew out the true mission and purpose of our company, EightySeven has helped us refine our vision and brand.
— Sophia De Oliveira, Lead Optimist & Partner, Good Measure