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We're EightySeven. Brand designers, problem solvers and great listeners. We partner with people just like you to solve your business problems, build your brand and speak to customers in a relatable way. 

Our process in design and consulting has helped dozens of clients across every industry, create new opportunities. If you've felt overwhelmed by marketing, want to take your business to the next level or just need to vent problems you're running into, click the button below and we can get started changing your business.

Quite simply, we use design and strategy to grow your business.

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A lot of people think "branding" means how something looks. However, the visuals and how your logo looks is only a sliver of what your brand is. Having a better understanding of what a brand is can not only strengthen your business but actually make you money. Our White Paper series shows you exactly how branding can translate into actual dollar amounts.

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What we do

We offer customized solutions to specific problems you're facing. Sometimes you know what they are, sometimes you don't. But no matter what, we solve them together. Here are some examples of our applied problem solving and how we aren't graphic designers, we're business designers

"My restaurant actually loses money during our weekday lunch rush. How can you help?" open | close solution

After an initial discovery phase of working with the business owner, we diagnosed the problem. We uncovered together that there wasn't enough turnover with customers. Digging deeper, we realized this came down to the ordering system. By re-designing the menu and process, customers could order quicker and more people were able to be served.

"I'm opening a new dental practice, but don't know how to position it." open | close solution

Have we ever helped brand and launch a dentistry practice? Nope. We're we worried? Absolutely not. This is because regardless of industry, a good process will always yield valuable results. Part of which is doing our homework. EightySeven assessed the demographics of the area to understand the consumer and interviewed mothers to gain insight into behavior. We worked with key business stakeholders to collaboratively find a market opportunity, develop a brand, identity, language, mission statement and unique position that has resulted in acquiring over 3,000 patients in just under 4 years.

"We need new packaging." open | close solution

During an initial call with EightySeven, a new partner wanted to re-design their packaging to get into big box retail and grocery. While most designers would say, "Yes, let's get started" we dug deeper. We uncovered that the business problem was not the packaging, but the lack of brand positioning and messaging that would drive consumers to retail. We worked with our partner to shift budget towards building customer affinity and creatively leveraging white label packaging solutions to cut down on SKU's, overhead and printing costs.

Brands we've built

We pride ourselves on being more than just graphic designers. Because let's be honest, a logo doesn't make you any money. Sure it looks nice, but anyone can "design" a logo these days. What really sets you apart, the true drive to push your customer to choose you over a competitor is your brand.

We design brands.

How we work

WE LISTEN. You are the expert in your business. The process starts with simply paying attention to your needs. After all, would you trust a doctor who prescribes you medicine before you say a word? Not at all! Which is why we're not here to make you a logo, brochure or website. We're here to understand.


WE STAY HUMBLE. We operate under a simple philosophy, "Amateurs advise. Experts diagnose." We don't pretend to be experts in the sense that we have all the answers or some magic bullet. Your business deserves the eye of experts who specialize in problem solving and creative thinking. 


WE PUT YOU FIRST. This goes beyond saying "You have our attention." As a partner, this means we put your needs before our own and we will always act in your best interest. Even if that means passing up on a potential job if we think you don't need it or someone can do it better and more efficiently. While this seems crazy to some, we've been very successful building our business on this simple level of trust and partnership.

I not only got perfect branding that influenced the whole office design, I got a great experience during its development. Having an art background, I had many opinions the EightySeven team was always willing to listen, incorporate and also gently advise when I was off base. I love working with the team, I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly.
— Linda Morgan, DDS, Owner, Village Pediatric Dental